Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association

The YCBA promotes, manages and supports EBU affiliated
competitive bridge play in our county.

Waddington Shield and Yorkshire Trophy Rules

  1. The Waddington Shield is the major county teams-of-four competition. The winners will represent the YCBA in the EBU Pachabo Cup competition (inter-county teams of four championship). The entry fee to the Pachabo Cup will be paid by the YCBA plus a contribution towards other expenses. To be eligible to play in the Waddington Shield, Dual Members must have Yorkshire as their primary county of allegiance.
  2. All players must be YCBA members at the time of entry or registration as provided in
    rule 6.
  3. Entries should be submitted to the Tournament Secretary. The closing date is 1
    October. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Tournament Secretary.
  4. The competition will be knockout throughout. Teams which lose in round one or, in the
    case of those teams getting a bye, lose in round two, may enter, at no extra charge, a
    knockout competition for the Yorkshire Trophy. Teams not wishing to enter the
    Yorkshire Trophy should state their intention on the entry form.
  5. Teams may enter the Yorkshire Trophy direct for a reduced entry fee. All players so
    entering must be below the rank of National Master and must not have played in the
    Waddington Shield in the same season. Entries for the Yorkshire Trophy must reach
    the Tournament Secretary by 31 January.
  6. Teams may consist of up to six players. Teams containing fewer than six players may
    increase their number to five or six by registering additional players at any time up to
    and including the quarter finals, provided that notice is given to the Tournament
    Secretary before the player(s) concerned play in a match. Any player may withdraw
    from the registered team provided that the player has not represented that team in the
    competition. Notice of the withdrawal of a team member should be given to
    the Tournament Secretary.
  7. In the Waddington Shield, matches prior to the final shall be decided over 32 boards
    and the final over 48 boards. In the Yorkshire Trophy, in rounds preceding the final, 24
    board matches will be played. In the final, 32 boards will be played.
  8. Scoring shall be by International Match Points. If there is a tie, a number of boards
    equal to one eighth of the original number of boards scheduled for the match shall be
    played, and if necessary, this process shall be repeated until the tie is broken.
  9. Conditions of contest for matches played privately will be sent to all captains with the
    draw for the competition.
  10. Green Point awards. Assuming a Waddington Shield entry of 17-32 teams, Green
    Points will be awarded as follows: Round 1, 1; Round 2, 1¼; Round 3, 1½; Semi-final 2;
    Final 4.
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