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RealBridge Teams of 4

On matchdays a director from RealBridge will setup and run the RealBridge matches, you won’t have to do anything. If you are due to play a league match on RealBridge please connect via the ‘Match Day Links’. The sessions will be open 30 minutes before the start time. Joining a little early is good.

The ‘Match Day Links’ can also be used to go back into RealBridge after the matches have been played to check the results etc.

If you are going to be using RealBridge for the online teams of 4 league and you haven’t used RealBridge before, we would recommend that you try RealBridge’s free 8 board taster sessions.

You don’t have to use audio and video, and if you don’t it plays very much like BBO, in fact you don’t have to have a camera or a microphone. See the RealBridge FAQ’s at https://realbridge.online/faq.html.

If you do use audio and video, it is very much like playing F2F, and it only requires around 1 Mbps of bandwidth for audio and video.

You can easily play without video, in fact you can turn your camera off if you want, but audio is useful, it means you can talk to the others and don’t have to type in the chat.

If you are using an iPad made in 2016 or before we recommend that you contact RealBridge Support on 07942 322209 or 07475 557651, 7am to 11pm and get them to test your audio and video as they will want to check which version of the Apple operating system you are using, and they may want you to change a couple of audio/video settings. If you are using an iPad made after 2016 or any other type of device you can check your own camera and microphone at https://play.realbridge.online/camera.html, if you do have any problems then contact RealBridge Support on 07942 322209 or 07475 557651, 7am to 11pm.

Once that is done go to https://realbridge.online/try-realbridge.html for the free RealBridge taster sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Playing Teams of 4 on RealBridge

1. How do I know where to sit?
The tables will be marked clearly. As soon as you arrive, please take a seat.
2. How can I know who is here?
Click “Scores”
3. How do I call the director whilst at the table?
Click Director
4. Can we phone the Director?
Yes, the numbers are 07942 322209 or 07475 557651.
5. Do I, as a player, ever have to move?
No. Always sit at your home table. It is the system that moves the east/west players from their table to the table of the opposing team. At the end of the match, the system moves the players back to the home table.
6. Why are there 3 links?
Each link is for each match. All of you are playing the same boards at the same time.
7. What do I do once a match is over?
Close the browser tab, and click the link for the next match
8. Why is the link to join not here now?
RealBridge create new software all the time. So that the players use the most recent version, links are normally distributed just the day before. By looking at this document, you can find the link.
9. Can people watch?
No, not possible, because of maximum security conditions.
10. I have a new computer, or I recently updated, can I call somebody at RealBridge?
Yes, you are encouraged to do this, the numbers are
07942 322209 or 07475 557651.
11. Is there a practice opportunity coming up?
Yes, you can find them listed here: https://realbridge.online/try-realbridge.html
12. Where is the player guide?
It is here: https://realbridge.online/player-guide.html
13. How long will the results be there, online?
For a very very long time. Years. The same link you used to play, is the permanent link to the results.

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