Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association

The YCBA promotes, manages and supports EBU affiliated
competitive bridge play in our county.

YCBA Online YL Teams League for Clubs rules
(amended 27 September 2020)

The organisers are the Online YL Committee comprising Nick Woolven, Robin Jepson robin.jepson@ntlworld.com, phone 0113 2695334, John Hayton, Mike Jackson mikefouraces@outlook.com, and Andrew Pearson. 

Any queries about entries and payment should go to Mike Jackson and any questions about regulations to Robin Jepson.

The entry fee will be £20 per team.   Payment to be made on or before the closing date for entries by bank transfer to Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association, sort code 09-02-22, account number 10861509, quoting reference VYL20

Entries should be sent by email to Mike Jackson.

Entries must be received not later than 20 September, and must include the names, EBU numbers and BBO usernames of players who will or may represent the club in the competition.  Additional players may be added later.   The entry must also give the names, email addresses and phone numbers of the Club Secretary or Match Secretary and of one or more players who will act as captain(s) of each team entered by the club and will have the responsibilities described below

All players must be bona fide members of the club and may not represent more than one club in the competition.   No player shall play in more than one team in matches for which the designated match date (see below) is the same.

The EBU Online Knockout Match Regulations, the Sky-Blue Book – https://www.ebu.co.uk/documents/laws-and-ethics/skyblue-book-2020.pdf – and the YCBA’s Yorkshire League Rules apply to this event except where clearly inapplicable or inconsistent with these event rules. The following important points in them should be noted:

  • Team Captains must complete and keep up to date their Team Roster in EBULeague – see https://www.ebu.co.uk/member-wiki/lms:captains – this is accessed by logging in to My EBU

  • If the match is played on the designated match day at the designated time, requests for rulings must be sent by email to the appointed tournament director within 20 minutes after the end of the match.   If the match is rearranged there will be no tournament director on call and requests for rulings must be sent by email to Robin Jepson who will arrange for the ruling to be made by a suitably qualified tournament director.
  • As all matches are privately arranged, clicking the TD button on the BBO screen will not summon a TD but will simply send a message to the team captain who set up the match. When requesting a ruling, it is helpful to send a link to the hand in question and a screenshot of any relevant chat.  
  • Undos are allowed only for mechanical errors (misclicks) or misinformation during the auction. An undo may not be granted during the play of the hand and should not be asked for. To help avoid mechanical errors, it is recommended to switch on “confirm card” and “confirm bid” in your BBO account settings. (Account  Settings  Confirm.)  
  • Players should disclose their agreements properly to their opponents. They may exchange system cards with each other before the start of play by email, or have completed online system cards available for their opponents to refer to.  
  • Any artificial call at any level, as well as any call that would be alerted or announced in a face-to-face game, should be explained by the player making the call, using the Alert box first, to ensure that only the opponents can see the explanation. Further questions and answers should always be made so that the player’s partner does not see them. 
  • Players may consult their own system card and other notes at any stage
  • Teams will be assigned to divisions based on their standing of the equivalent club team in the 2019-20 season of the Yorkshire League. The number and size of divisions will be decided by the organisers depending on the number of teams entering. 
  • The final position in the league tables may be used to decide the composition of divisions if the competition is repeated (for example, in an eight team division two teams are promoted and two are relegated).

For all divisions, the season will, if practicable, consist of a single round robin.

The designated dates and times for playing matches are as follows (see below for rearranged matches):

Round 1 – Sunday 11 October at 2.00 pm
Round 2 – Sunday 11 October at 4.30 pm

Round 3 – Sunday 1 November at 2.00 pm
Round 4 – Sunday 1 November at 4.30 pm

Round 5 – Sunday 15 November at 2.00 pm
Round 6 – Sunday 15 November at 4.30 pm

Round 7 – Sunday 6 December at 2.00 pm

If the total number of entries is not exactly divisible by eight, then so far as practicable the number of teams in each division will be arranged so that each team has at least six matches; this may involve a bye round and / or cross-divisional matches.

Matches will consist of one set of 12 boards without a change of opponents.

A fixture list  will be worked out using EBULeague and sent to each club’s Club  Secretary or Match Secretary as named on the entry form.   The first named team is deemed to be the home team and the second named is the away team.

Matches are set up by the Home Captain(s) (specified in the Draw) or any other person to whom the Home Captain has delegated this responsibility.   No later than the day before the match day,  the Away Captain must send the Home Captain by email  the names and BBO usernames of the away team.    Contact details (email address and phone number) should be entered in EBULeague.

The Home Captain has seating rights.

BBO do not allow players with fewer than 100 logins to set up team matches.   If this causes difficulty for any club, please request assistance from one of the organisers before the first match day, or from the appointed tournament director on the designated match day.  Players should login to BBO not less than 10 minutes before the starting time of the match.

Matches are set up using the Create Teams Match function as described in the BBO guide. Unless otherwise agreed between the teams, the scoring barometer and the option to allow kibitzers should be switched off.
Matches are scored by IMPs and converted to Victory Points using the conversion scale in the table below.

The captain of the winning team must enter the result of the match in EBULeague.    Both team captains must also enter in EBULeague details of the players in each match.

Matches may be rearranged by agreement between the teams.   Unless otherwise agreed by the organisers any match not played on the designated match day should be rearranged for a date and time before the next match day.    In the interests of fairness to other teams in the division it is strongly recommended and requested that the final match be played on the designated match day at the designated time.   In any event, all matches must be played on or before Saturday 12 December.

If a team fails to turn up then unless the opponent agrees otherwise it is deemed to be in default.

If a rearrangement is requested but the teams are unable to agree an alternative date and time, then each team must make a written submission by email to the organisers who will adjudicate a result.    If one team is in default, the adjudicated result will be 14-6 to the non-offending team.    If both teams or neither is in default, the adjudicated result will be 10-10.   If both teams are adjudged to be in default, but one has greater responsibility than the other for the failure to play, then the organisers may award a 13-7, 12-8 or 11-9 result.

If a match is curtailed owing to technical issues or other unforeseen circumstances, then:

  • any results from the boards that have been played at both tables stand.
  • If at least 9 boards have been played, the match is deemed to be complete
  • otherwise the remaining boards must be played to complete the match on a date and time agreed between the teams

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