Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association  


Results 2018-2019

Division 1PWDLVPs
Rudding Park330044
Moor Allerton H320142
Catterick 1310234
Moor Allerton L30030

Division 2PWDLVPs
Moor Allerton N310235
Catterick 2310222

Rudding ParkMoor Allerton N+10 imps
DoncasterMoor Allerton H+3 imps

+39 impsMoor Allerton HMoor Allerton N

2019 Champions
Moor Allerton HPhoto
Terry Read, Carole Taylor, Henry Irving, Terry Homburg

In an all Moor Allerton final, team "Henry" beat team "Neville" after a winter of 2 leagues with several home and away matches, 2 semi-finals and the grand final played in July. The winning team were represented by Henry Irving, Terry Read, Terry Homburg and Carole Taylor,(pictured), and they overcame last year's runners-up Neville Bush, Michael Killen, Brian Ziff and Howard Senior. This is a very enjoyable winter pursuit and it would be encouraging to have more Clubs entering for next winter. All that is required is that each team member be a member of their Golf Club. Entry forms will be sent out to all Golf Clubs in Yorkshire in due course.
Alastair Davidson