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Yorkshire Mixed Pairs - Qualification
Here are the terms and conditions of entry to the Yorkshire Mixed Pairs competition for the 2018-19 season, the Final of which will take place at (tba) on Sunday June 16th 2018, starting at 1:00pm.

All clubs are invited to hold a heat of the Yorkshire Mixed Pairs, which may be included in a normal drive. There is NO ENTRY FEE at the club heat stage and no requirement to be a member of the YCBA/EBU to play in a club heat, so all pairs (of opposite sex) can be deemed to have entered the competition. This is likely to increase the number of qualifiers and will certainly increase the master points awards at the final.

The top third of the eligible pairs (rounded down) will qualify for the final. The entry fee for qualifiers is a reduced fee of £19 per head. There will not be a reserve list – nobody outside the top third will be invited to play in the final as a qualifier. All players in the final, whether qualified or entered direct, must be members of the YCBA for the current season. Players who have qualified more than once may choose which of their qualifications will count.

After May 22nd (by which time all qualifying heats should have been held), entry will be thrown open to all Mixed Pairs who have either failed to qualify, or have not played in a heat. The entry for such pairs will be the standard £21 per head. Pairs wishing to enter earlier (and therefore take priority on the waiting list if any) are welcome to do so. If such a pair subsequently qualifies in a valid heat, a refund of £2 per head will be made at the final. Direct Entry

A qualified pair must remain as a pair to play at the reduced rate. If a different partner is needed, then that is not a qualified pair and entry will be regarded as a direct entry at £21 per head.

Club heats must be run as a single winner movement and a copy of the full recap sheet and ranking list (including non-eligible pairs) must be sent to Stuart Davies by May 21st at the latest, as he will be sending the invitations out at that time. If you have already arranged to have your heat after this date, then please contact him.

The schedule for qualification is:-   Contact details:-
Up to 5 pairs   1 pair qualifies
6 – 8 pairs   2 pairs qualify
9 – 11 pairs   3 pairs qualify
12 – 14 pairs   4 pairs qualify
15 – 17 pairs   5 pairs qualify
and so on ……   and so on ……
Stuart Davies[stuart@svd1.uk]
post4 Moorhead Lane,
Shipley, BD18 4JH


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Final - 16th June