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Outsmart the Bridge Experts

Danny Roth   $14.95   168 pages (paperback)

"The author's mission is to bolster an average player's confidence and to alleviate intimidation by revealing the prevalence of errors even at the highest levels….A study of the deals will improve an avid reader's technique, in particular through noticing recurring patterns of thought that lead to full and correct analysis."
--The Bridge World, January 2018

The book presents more than 60 problems in declarer play or defense, bringing the reader to the critical moment of decision-but also sometimes well short of it or past it, a more realistic simulation of the heat of the battle at the table. The reader 'pits wits' against the expert who faced the same decision and whose (mis)play is then analysed. Bridge is learnt by mistakes and this book is excellent material for eliminating them by showing readers how to tackle problems and what analysis is required.

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